“Your Kids Won’t Build Much Character Sitting in Front of the TV or Playing Video Games…”

Junior Kickboxing student that is all smiles.
To build character, a child needs to interact with others, be challenged, be given the chance to learn and grow, have ample opportunity for self-expression...and perhaps most importantly…be praised for that growth. We know of only one way to capture a child’s interest — and pull them away from the TV or game console...and that’s to make sure they’re having fun…active fun...doing something else.


But…I don’t want my child to fight…

Neither do we…at Nomad Kickboxing & Boxing, no one, adult or child is pushed into the competitive side of the sport. We train the children using a set curriculum and structure which allows them to learn discipline, respect, and most importantly…confidence in themselves. In fact, our children must sign a contract with Nomad Kickboxing & Boxing, with the understanding that using what they learn for anything other than self-defense results in a lifetime expulsion.

For children who are competitive, and have their parents support, Nomad Kickboxing & Boxing has a multitude of options which would allow the kids to compete locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally. When junior fighters come along, they get extra attention outside of regular classes so that their desire to compete does not negatively impact the kids that are just having fun.

Junior Kickboxing student working the punching bag with kickboxing instructorHow can I get my child started?

Simply bring your child, wearing regular workout clothing, to either of the class times based on their age. There is no cost to try it out. We want to make sure your children love the class before any commitments are made. If you’re not sure after the first class…we’ll let them try it again with no obligations. When they do arrive, one of our instructors will teach them the basics so that they can follow along with the rest of the class. Once they are ready, we let them join in on the fun with the rest of the class.

To view the junior kickboxing schedule, just click here.


“Maybe You’ve Had Your Kids in a 12-Month Martial Arts Program...And After Only 2 Weeks Had to Drag Them to the Classes...Kicking and Screaming...They Hated It. So, Why’s This Going to be Different?”

Junior kickboxing student throwing a front kick during a warm up.Nomad Kickboxing & Boxing believes that signing children and their parents up for a 1 year program, with financial obligations attached to it, is unrealistic for kids and unfair for parents. Our program is designed with flexibility in mind. We want kids to have the option to explore other sports or recreational activities without being ‘Locked In’.

The Nomad Kickboxing & Boxing ‘Smart Kicks’ program works on an 8 week cycle. Renewal to the kick boxing program happens at the end of each 8 week session giving parents and kids the opportunity to decide whether or not they would like to continue.

What equipment do we need?

None. Nomad Kickboxing & Boxing will provide everything that your child needs to start the program. Purchasing equipment is optional. When your child registers for the program they will receive kick boxing pants, a t-shirt, and wrist wraps.

To see more photos of the Junior Kickboxing students in action, just click here.

If you have any questions or concerns that we have not answered simply click here to write us a quick email.


Junior 'Smart Kicks' Kickboxing class - Ages 8 to 12


"Kickboxing and Boxing is our Specialty. Helping You Achieve Your Goals... 
is What We Love To Do!"

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