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Only members of Nomad Kickboxing & Boxing, that have registered for the '12 Rounds of Kickboxing' program, have access to the information on this page. If you don't have access but would like to...send us an email or drop in and see us and we'll register you for the program. Click on the links below to view some helpful tips, resources, and training aids.


Muscle Cramps - How they happen...and how to prevent them

Calories Burned Per Hour - A Chart Broken Down By Activity

BMI Calculator - This application tracks your Body Mass Index (good for measuring weight loss)


Training Aids:

Handwraps - 4 methods of wrapping your hands to get you started

Basic Stretching and Flexibility to Get You Started

Take Your Running To The Next Level


12 Rounds of Kickboxing:

Each round represents a different level of knowledge and physical fitess for you to master.

Round Link to Curriculum and Training Program for Each Round


The Foundation for Excellence


If You're Doing Well Do Lots


Get Good First then Get Fast


Feast On the Good and Forget the Bad


Champions Do What Others Don't


Strive to Win in More Ways than One


Always be Willing to Learn More


Stand Tall Both in Victory and Defeat


Focus on the Game not the Scoreboard


Always Roll with the Punches


Think Like a Champion


Become the Champion

"Kickboxing and Boxing is our Specialty. Helping You Achieve Your Goals... 
is What We Love To Do!"

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