As with Everything in Life it all Boils Down to Price...

The Good News is Nomad Kickboxing & Boxing has Many Membership Options and Great Pricing.

Since price seems to be the number one question that people always ask, we're going to do what most kickboxing & boxing schools won't do and that is post our pricing online. One thing you'll see about our membership options is that you've got a lot of flexibility. You don't get locked into a 1 year contract unless you want to guarantee yourself some great pricing.

At the bottom of this page you'll find some of the main benefits to choosing Nomad Kickboxing & Boxing. We hope this helps you to determine the overall value of our memberships. Click here to jump down to the benefits.

Ottawa Location - New Body Dimensions

Please note: There are no registration fees paid to Nomad Kickboxing & Boxing when signing up for a membership, however there are fee's paid to CASK or Boxing Ontario depending on the type of membership you get. These fee's range from $30 to $85 on an annual basis, and are paid directly by you to the organizations. Our staff will explain these fees in detail when you come in for your free 3 visit pass.

Type Description Cost (includes tax)
12 Class Pass With this option you can attend any 12 classes you like. This membership is only good for classes and may not be used for personal training or non-class times. Each time you participate in a class the instructor punches your card. When the card expires you must renew you 12 class pass or choose another option.  $128.40
Monthly You decide the number of months that you would like to sign up for. The range is anywhere from 1 to 11 months.  $106.00/mth
Yearly This is a 12 month contract. Members who sign up for a 12 month contract have their pricing protected for as long as they are a member.  $85.60/mth
Yearly - Combined This membership includes full access to Nomad Kickboxing & Boxing and New Body Dimensions Gym.  $89.64/mth
Student - 6 to 12 mths If you are a student the following rate applies to you providing you present valid student ID. You can choose the length of the contract from 6 to 12 months.  $74.90/mth
(any 3+)
When you sign up for any of our memberships as a family of 3 or more people then we discount everyone in the family.  - 10% off
Couples (2)  
- 1 year only
If you join up for a 1 year period as a couple your monthly rate is discounted.  $74.90/mth
Cross Training If you're a member of any other martial art, kickboxing, or boxing program, you're welcome to train with us as well. Provide proof of membership elsewhere and we'll provide you with preferred pricing making cross training an affordable option. Contracts range from 3 months to a year.  $64.20/mth

 Hawkesbury Location - Club 352

Type Description Cost
Drop-In With this option you can pay as you go. When you arrive at the Club pay your drop-in fee at the front desk and you will receive a receipt from the receptionist. Bring this receipt to the instructor at the beginning of the class.  $15.00
1 Month If you plan on making it out to all the kickboxing/boxing classes in a month this is a great way to save.  $55.00
3 Month  This is another great option for saving if you plan on attending kickboxing classes for 3 months. $165.00

Even if Price is Your Main Concern Here are Just 10 Benefits That You Should Know about When Getting a Nomad Membership:

1) Nomad Kickboxing & Boxing is registered with the Council of Amateur Sport Kickboxing and Boxing Ontario. The benefit to you is that you can expect a higher level of coaching quality due to the safety and coaching standards that must be strictly followed in order for us to maintain our status as a registered member. Our membership to both CASK and Boxing Ontario also ensures that you are protected under our liability insurance whether you're a recreational member or a competitor.

2) The Main Nomad Kickboxing & Boxing School  is open 7 days a week. As we all sometimes gets crazy making it difficult to maintain a consistent training schedule. We all need flexible options in order to achieve our personal fitness and training goals. Since we're open 7 days a week, this will give you tons of options in order to create a training schedule that's right for you.

3) The Main Nomad Kickboxing & Boxing School has great hours of operation. To give you the ultimate flexibility we're open to our members from 5:30am to 11:00pm - Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 8:00pm on Saturday's, and 9:00am to 7:00pm on Sunday's. What this means for you is that, whether you like to train early in the morning, late at night, or on the weekends, you'll be able to train when you much as you want.

4) Nomad Kickboxing & Boxing specializes in kickboxing & boxing only. Although many of our instructors have a background in the Martial Arts, we are proud of the fact that we have specialized in Kickboxing & Boxing. Many schools right across North America have added kickboxing or boxing to a martial arts program, meaning their real specialization is the martial art that they practise. At Nomad you'll only ever see kickboxing or boxing.

5) Nomad Kickboxng & Boxing instructors are nationally certified. Being a black belt in a martial art does not certify you as a kickboxing or boxing instructor. Our instructors have all been nationally certified by NCCP, CASK, or both (these are the only Nationally recognized coaching certification programs) . This means that you can come to expect the highest standard of coaching excellence from our team of instructors.

6) Nomad Kickboxing & Boxing lets you attend as many classes as you like.  This means you can pick and choose the types of classes you'd like to attend. You can even do multiple classes in one night. Currently we've got boxing, kickboxing, muay-thai kickboxing, circuit training, sparring, and competitor classes available to our members.

7) Nomad Kickboxing & Boxing lets you train on your own. As long as you want to train within our hours of operation, you can have full use of the facility for personal use. What this means is that you can come in anytime and hit the bags without having to participate in a class. This is great for people who want to progress at their own pace.

8) Nomad Kickboxing & Boxing Instructors have international experience. Our instructor team has developed a wealth of knowledge from both national and international experience as competitive atheletes. Combined our instructors have fought in Poland, South Africa, Malta, England, USA, Australia, Thailand, Denmark, Austria, and Greece. The true benefit you'll experience from all this knowledge is that you'll learn to do things the right way...right away. Which means you won't waste time learning techniques that aren't truly effective. Bottom line is that you'll learn much quicker.

9) Nomad Kickboxing & Boxing is centrally located. This makes it easier for you to get to. We're located just off the highway on St.Laurent Blvd. We are also on a major bus route making our location completely accessible. Bus stops are directly in front of our location making it easy to get to and from home. To view bus routes that work for you click here.

10) Nomad Kickboxing & Boxing is fairly priced. Considering everything that is offered by our school you can come to expect that our membership plans are fairly priced. While we might not be the cheapest in town, we are certainly not the most expensive. When you are looking for a kickboxing and/or boxing school, make sure you look at all the facts before you join up anywhere.


"Kickboxing and Boxing is our Specialty. Helping You Achieve Your Goals... 
is What We Love To Do!"

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