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Ottawa Area
  New Body Dimensions Gym  - The Ultimate Ottawa Fitness Gym Combining Expertise In The Fitness Field
Ottawa's Finest Fitness Club combining expertise in the fitness field with friendly personal service to create an atmosphere conducive to  " working out ".
  Glebe Community Centre
This is a great community center with lots to offer. Nomad Kickboxing & Boxing runs a program in this Ottawa location.
  Zoom Sport News
Local Ottawa area sports paper dedicated to sporting events in our region. Covers a lot of great local sporting events and athletes.
  Click Ontario
If you're looking for something in Ontario...try looking in this useful directory first.
Hawkesbury Area
  City of Hawkesbury - Community Center
If you're looking to find out anything about the community center or the city of Hawkesbury, this is a great starting place.
Equipment Suppliers
  Top Ten
Top Ten is the premiere maker of boxing and kickboxing supplies that are used by the fitness enthusiasts, amateur atheletes, and professional fighters. What makes their equipment special is the unique padding and quality that no other equipment supplier has.  We recommend that you visit this site first. After all, when it comes to protecting yourself, only the best equipment will do.
A well known american supplier of boxing and kickboxing equipment. They carry a lot of accessories and training aids.
This is a canadian supplier of boxing equipment.
  Rival Boxing
Canadian Boxing Equipment distributor.
  Thai Boxing, Martial Art Equipments at Muaythaistu
Muay thai kickboxing products, We offer the best quality of muay thai products, thai boxing supplies at the best prices.

Thai Boxing, Martial Art Equipments at
Muay thai kickboxing products, We offer the best quality of muay thai products, thai boxing supplies at the bestprices.


Boxing Equipment USA
Boxing Equipment USA has gloves, bags and more. Order securely online or call us 7 days a week.

Kickboxing Federations
Council for Amateur Sport Kickboxing - Canadian National Organization
International Kickboxing Federation

International sport karate association - The ISKA is recognized worldwide as both a regulating body for competitive martial arts and the governing body for amateur and professional kickboxing. The ISKA crowns world champions in seven types of martial arts competition and sanctions over 200 major title kickboxing events per year on five continents. The ISKA continues to update rules, train & certify officials and maintain the ratings necessary to recognize both worthy champions and world rated kickboxing contenders in this fast growing and exciting sport.


Wolrs Kickboxing Association

Boxing Updates
  Fight News
Boxing news, results, rankings, schedule -- follow Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray, Oscar De La Hoya and all your boxing favorites
HBO's boxing website: previews of upcoming fights, fight results and analyses, fight schedule, latest rankings by weight class, expert columns, a boxing bbs and special live web coverage of boxing telecasts.
Women's Boxing at its finest...the latest news and information from the IFBA to fans around the world
Martial Arts
  The Ultimate Karate Source for Karate Kids, Men, Women, and Masters
Whether you're a karate student, future karate student, or a karate master, this website has been created with you in mind. There's a wealth of free karate information and articles for you, no matter what your style is.
  Karate Sportif
Martin Cantin and his whole crew of instructors have beautiful schools throughout Montreal. I strongly recommend them to anyone in the area. Nomad Kickboxing & Boxing often brings its members from Ottawa to train at their schools. 
Location: Montreal
  Fitness Kickboxing Canada
Ross & Joanne O'Donnell runs the Fitness Kickboxing Canada school which hosts various Fitness Boxing & Kickboxing Instructor Certification Courses, Can-Fit-Pro Continuing Education Credit Courses and Personal Trainer specialist certification Courses.  Location: Orangeville, Ont.
  Ross Enamait's Boxing Secrets
Ross is very well known for producing some great training guides when it comes to conditioning for fights. The books he's got here are well priced and definitely worth every penny.
  Grant Brothers Gym
This gym is the home of Otis Grant and his trainer Howard Grant. The gym has weights, bags, boxing ring, lots of room to train, and great coaching. Location: Montreal
Self-Defense & Martial Arts
  7 Most Effective Self Defense Techniques.
The 7 Most Effective Self Defense Techniques - Discover how to defend yourself by using the 7 most effective techniques  without training for years in martial arts! Finally a simple and effective guide for anyone of any shape or size.  By Terry Lyon, Self defense instructor and 5th Dan Gou-Ryu Karate master.

Street Self Defense 101
Have you been searching for a simple, yet effective method of self-defense that really works?

  The Ultimate Martial Arts Cd
Martial Arts Supplies including martial arts uniforms, karate equipment, sparring gear and more.
  Secrets Of Authentic Tai Chi.
How To Dramatically Improve Your Health And Boost Your Energy With The Authentic Tai Chi
  The Jkd Lead Punch.
How to use Bruce Lee's principles to better your lead punch, no matter what your martial arts style!
  Win Any Fight Within 3 Minutes
This site offers some a great bundled package. Lots of information for a great price.
  Learn to be a Lethal Weapon in 2 weeks
What if you knew power moves that could get you out of any dangerous situation…
  Inside Karate Kata
Your Complete Guide to Karate Kata Training.
Discover Bunkai, Applications and the Mind-Body Connection

BJJ instructional DVDs to your door
Offers martial arts instructional DVDs for Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ) enthusiasts.

Krav maga - israeli self defense. Training Krav Maga in Scotland
Krav Maga is self defense for everyone. You get profesional krav maga training from us. Either you want to train krav maga or you are already krav maga student visit our site and get info about krav maga.

  Martial Arts Talk
The martial arts community
  Liquid Glucosamine
Iowa Doctor, Crippled By Pain, Formulates His Own Natural Arthritis And Muscle Pain Product That Works Like No Other Product He Used Or Prescribed Before ..
  Natural Multivitamins
These nutrients, made by Mother Nature, contain naturally occurring organic factors (phytonutrients) that can contribute immensely to human vitality and wellness. Unfortunately, most supplements, even those called “natural,” are made in a laboratory from isolated chemicals and are completely devoid of the many hundreds and thousands of “phyto-factors” found in “natural source nutrients.”
  Discount Sport & Health Nutrition
At we have a huge selection of bodybuilding supplements, Sports Nutritional Supplements, health and fitness nutrition and accessories  such as Creatine, Whey Protein, Protein Bars, Weight Loss Supplements and Weight Gainers. And all at the lowest prices possible!
Weight Training & Fitness
  Improve Your Speed, Strength, Agility and Quicknes
The Most Comprehensive Speed Enhancement Resource Ever Created to Build Blazing Fast Athletes -- IN ONLY 30 DAYS!
Are you ready to experience some of the most powerful training information on the planet?
  The Athletic Gym Towel Workout.
Increase the effectiveness of any workout with dynamic flexibility.
  Exercise Programs
Designing Exercise Programs Made Simple
  Get Pro Athlete Speed & Fitness with Two Easy Body
How to Get Explosive Speed, Marathon Endurance and Sculpted Muscular Legs, in One Easy and No-Equipment Exercise, that You Can Do While Watching TV"
  Blast Your Bench Chest Workout Program.
How To Add Up To 50 Pounds On Your Max Bench Press In Only 3 Weeks!
  Gain Muscle : Weight Training Routine.
The Beginner's Guide is oriented towards fitness minded men and women who are just starting or have worked out for years without results who want weight loss and to gain muscle.
  Over 100 Recipes for Great Performance and Sport E
Discover How To Perform At Your Peak Athletic Ability Just By Eating Specific Sports Meals
  Sandbag Strength Training.
If you're an athlete, coach, or trainer chances are you've heard about sandbag training. And maybe you have even tried a few exercises. But there's never been a comprehensive resource dedicated to sandbag training - until now!
  For All Your Nutrition Needs
Our food today does not provide us with all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed with minimal calories.  We would have to eat approximately 5000 calories daily just to get all the nutrients that our bodies need.  The reason for this is depleted nutrients in our farm lands and the way our foods are processed and prepared
  Strength Training For Females.
sports conditioning and fitness training programs for female athletes
  Fat Loss '4' Idiots - Idiot-Proof Diet
Advance Dieting Methods
  Pilates Power System.
Pilates Book, Pilates Download, Pilates Workouts and Pilates Instruction
  Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle
What to do when you've tried everything and the stubborn fat still won't come off. This is one of the little-known tactics bodybuilders and fitness models use in the final weeks before...
  The Complete Guide To Triathlon Swimming
Swim Like A Fish, Have 50% More Energy, Bolt From The Water Like A Prisoner On Jail Break, And Slash Five To Ten Minutes Off Your Triathlon Race Time
  Only The Best Golf Equipment
We search the net for the best values on golf equipment. You will find golf balls, golf bags, golf apparel of all kinds, golf vacations, training aids and much more. is your one stop launching pad for getting the most for your golf equipment dollar.
  Surfing Pictures
Central Florida surf report, forecast, and web cams.
  Rash Guards
High quality peak performance surfing and water sports rash guards. Great selection and lowest prices for rash guards not found anywhere else. Private label rash guards and wholesale prices are also available at my rash guards.
Mental Training
  Learn how to Re-Program your Mind & Body
In just a Few Minutes you can Learn How to Re-Program your Mind and Body and Reach your Goals Automatically.....Guaranteed!
  Treat the root cause of anxiety & panic attacks
Discover How You Can Cure Yourself of Anxiety and Panic Attacks quickly and permanently
  Self Improvement: The Top 101 Experts.

You can get your hands on the greatest and most powerful self help resources, quite literally, on the face of the earth for only $27.

  Memory Improvement Techniques.
Memory is a skill that anyone can improve - and benefit from! Plug into your potential and start enjoying the benefits today!
  Beat Stress, Depression, Anxiety & Worry.
How You Can Conquer Stress, Depression, & Anxiety Quickly, Naturally & Permanently
  The Science Of Success.
Success Is Available To Everyone... If You Know Where To Look.

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